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Industrial Services

Our first priority is to support our members in improving their employment conditions and career advancement.
UKPB members can contact us for information and advice about:
     - Market rates/remuneration
     - Award rates and entitlements
     - Tax-effective salary packaging options
     - Employment contract advice
     - Legal obligations
     - General conditions of employment

Awards and Enterprise Agreements

Although many individuals and workplaces negotiate different rates of pay and conditions, UKPB has made sure that no matter what profession you work in, there is a set of basic salary levels and conditions to reflect the member's professional standing. This is done through the safety net of industrial awards and enterprise agreements UKPB has negotiated for the collective benefit of members.
UKPB looks after many awards. These awards specify entitlements covering:
     - Minimum salaries
     - Career paths through classification structures
     - Superannuation entitlements
     - Annual, sick, parental, maternity and family leave
     - Funding of continuing professional development
     - Termination and redundancy protection
     - Public holidays
     - And other minimum conditions of employment


Individual contracts and Workplace Agreements

Individual members often need advice, and in some cases, representation on industrial, career and professional issues.
UKPB can give members the needed information and advice to negotiate their own salary package and employment conditions with full confidence. Alternatively, UKPB can provide expert representation to ensure the best possible outcome.
The UKPB industrial advisers know and understand the needs and aspirations of professionals and can bring their skills and experience to assist UKPB members with employment issues.

Employment contracts

The UKPB employment advisers can provide members with advice on employment contracts, whether they are working as an employee or as a contractor or consultant.

Salaries for professionals

Many UKPB members have professional qualifications; others are recognised as professionals by the experience and training they have. UKPB believes that employees should be rewarded on the basis of the professional skills they bring to their work and the established professional rates and industrial agreements should reflect this.
Not only can we always give members the most up-to-date accurate information on salaries and employment conditions, we also have our finger on the pulse of the latest remuneration trends in the field.


Overseas employment

UKPB can provide members working overseas with advice on employment contracts, salaries and/or contract rates, working conditions, taxation and other issues relating to overseas placement.